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About Jama Face Beauty

Allow me to introduce you to Jama Face Beauty!
Each and every woman I’ve met is unforgettably beautiful, not only outside but also inside. However there are times where we struggle to see ourselves as beautiful as the world sees us. I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of a red lip in making a woman feel powerful and sexy, or the ability for a little eyeshadow to make someones eyes sparkle. I was inspired to create Jama Face Beauty to empower and give hope to women and men to feel as unforgettable as they truly are.
As a child, I watched my mother and aunts adorn themselves in Chanel and Dior makeup but was never allowed to wear any myself, so instead I explored makeup as an artist. I loved the ways in which makeup could turn someone into a different character for a theatre production, or bring out their confidence in a photoshoot. I wanted to be able to bring this feeling to the everyday woman, so I went into retail education where I could connect with people and learn their stories. Often I found women were intimidated by a bold impactful colour or they found a colour they loved but the formula didn’t last or wear well, so I created a line of luxury, sultry, bold impactful lip colours that are comfortable and lightweight.
Each of our products are paraben free, allergy tested, fragrance free and non-comedogenic and made in Canada. My philosophy is that imperfections are perfections, what makes us unique is what makes us strong, beautiful and unforgettable and cosmetics should celebrate and highlight that. We encourage and celebrate boldness, confidence and self-expression. My life has always brought me back to makeup, and now I'm so happy that it’s bringing me to all of you.
-Love Abbi Jama xo 

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